About The Collin Project...

As the parents of Collin, our
23-year-old son who has Down Syndrome, our goal is to create opportunities to involve him in meaningful projects and service.

Collin’s dream is to be a movie director. Collin spends endless hours re-writing movie scripts from all his favorite movies, and yes, you guessed it, we are talking Disney.

Inspired by Collin’s hand writing style, his focus and his desire to write, we came up with a team project that combines all our skills: typography (Collin), organizational skills (mom), and illustration and design (dad).

Collin’s main title is director. Why? Because he likes to take charge and he especially likes to direct dad; mom seems to have a bit more clout. Our hope is to create a beautiful set of cards for you to enjoy, and in the process, help Collin feel a sense of service by working on his writing skills, assembling cards and helping with packaging and shipping. And who knows, when the time is right, he can make that trip to Hollywood : ).

About This 4 Card Holiday Set...

Title: Tomten & Olie

Inspired by the work of Swedish children's book author and illustrator Elsa Beskow.

In a chaotic world of hustle and bustle, simple quiet moments deliver peace.  Nostalgia and innocence best describes this
set of holiday cards .

Title: JOY!

Inspired by Collin's writing.

Creation & Production

Typography (Joy!)



• Paper - 100% cotton rag
• Printing method -  Giclée
(Archival pigmented ink)
• Dimension - 9”x4”
• Postcard style (flat)

The materials used are archival and suitable for framing.

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• 12 Postcard style cards and envelopes (3 each)
• 100% cotton rag paper
• Printed with archival pigmented inks
• Includes FREE shipping and handling within
the Utah area.

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